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Has your local community, townhouses or apartment complex receiving an
inferior quality and speed of service from nbnco or are you still waiting for NBN.


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We can design and install a range of new network technology that can deliver 1000Mbps services. By getting your community together we can design a solution just for you and you will be surprised at the costs and the speeds. Don’t settle for inferior broadband technology, slow speed services, drop outs and poor customer service.

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Some of our Past Projects

Old Apartment Building (Built early 70s)
  1. NBN install FTTNode or Basement.
  2. The copper cable is so old and poorly terminated residents constantly get drop outs and very slow services.
  3. Our solution – 2 options
    1. Use just the copper from the riser to the apartment
        • New Fibre Backbone
        • All apartments to get up to1000Mbps services
    2. Option 2 upgrade the cabling to provide full Fibre to the apartment
Alpine Ski Community
  1. Forgotten by NBN and substandard ADSL only services from Telstra
  2. With our partners we have had a new pit pipe and fibre network installed connecting the lodges to a 10Gbps fibre network where they can all get up to 1000Mbps
  3. Netflix flex are providing a local proxi server and so the locals receive ultra fast streaming video
Regional Community Victoria
  1. NBN has installed fibre to the node but the coper line length in many cases is way outside the specifications for delivering fast broadband services
  2. Many customers are receiving services no better than their ADSL
  3. Our solution is to create 1000Mbps fibre node, and connect clusters of homes via a combination of fibre and 1000Mbps 5G fixed wireless

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