Smarter Solutions

About TrueTelco

TrueTelco was formed by a team of telecommunications experts who appreciated the need for a “service based” telecommunications company.

Our services reflect the evolving nature of business and the landscape in which it is conducted; one where speed and flexibility are paramount. We provide the full spectrum of services under the one banner, with one point of contact, all managed from Australia.

At TrueTelco, we pride ourselves in our flexibility and reliability in serving our clients effectively and efficiently in this new technological era. We tailor each of our offerings to the specific needs of each business and provide our customers with access to our knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in the industry; providing connectivity wherever and whenever necessary.

Our success is based on customer satisfaction. We believe that knowledge is power and as such work together to understand the needs of each business to provide a “customer orientated” solution based on our 50 plus years combined experience in telecommunications in Australia.

We strive to provide value for money without compromising quality. We are independent and have access to the latest offerings from all the major carriers. We work for you and will find you the most cost0effective solution that incorporates the latest technology. So, whether it is the “NBN”, “the Cloud” or the latest wireless technologies, we will find the most appropriate solution for you now and for the future.