Are you paying too much?

When you receive your Telephone and Broadband invoices from your Carrier, do you ever stop and think are we on the right plan, are we paying to much? Too many businesses are paying their Phone and Data bills without checking what they are actually paying for. We are serious about saving our customers money and have developed True Telco because we want our clients to be looked after and need them to know the truth about getting what they pay for. We have been servicing customers in the Telecommunications industry for over 30 years so we know what we are talking about and make sure your business is getting what they paid for at the right price.

AAPT, Telstra and Optus Telecoms are all vying for your business and True Telco have access to all the these suppliers so we will make sure you get the correct advice. We are independent advisers and understand that you may have a favorite Broadband or Phone line supplier, so we simply review your accounts and make sure your current provider is looking after you.